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19 Jun 2023 Certificate Renewal

One of my side projects experienced downtime due to an expired SSL certificate. Here’s what happened and how I resolved it.

chart showing 1h and 41 minutes of downtime

I host my project on and followed the official docs to set up the certificates 3 months ago. The other day I started receiving SSL Handshake Failed errors.

To fix the issue, I ran the following commands:

flyctl certs delete
flyctl certs create

Surprisingly, I had to delete the existing certificate before creating a new one, or else I encountered the following error:

Error: Hostname already exists on app

I have found a forum thread with others experiencing this same issue. According to a employee post the certificates should auto-renew 30 days before expiration, but they did have a bug that prevented certificates from renewing. Did this bug regress?

Despite having the A/AAAA records correctly set, my site didn’t auto-renew. I’ve now added the CNAME record to my DNS settings hoping that this will fix the problem, but I’ll have to wait until September to know for sure. 🤞

image showing the certificates are valid until September 14, 2023