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16 Sep 2023

Introducing Fedidevs Posts

I’ve just launched Fedidevs Posts, a page that curates the most popular posts by developers on the Fediverse.

fedidevs-messages screenshot

How Does Fedidevs Posts Work?

Fedidevs already lists developers on the Fediverse and allows you to filter them by their preferred language or technology (e.g. Python, JavaScript, Rust, etc.). Fedidevs Posts uses this dataset and applies it to posts so that you can discover the most favorited posts by these developers and filter by language or technology.

Of course, developers on the Fediverse have diverse interests, so posts from those who like Python won’t always be about Python. However, it’s still a great way to find interesting posts. If you are interested in seeing only posts about Python, you can already use Mastodon’s hashtags (#python).

What’s on the Horizon?

I’ve just started gathering data, so I’m only showcasing top daily posts for now. When I have a week’s worth of data, I’ll also add a weekly view.

Besides that, I’m also planning to do a a few UI improvements to both the new Fedidevs Posts site and the Fedidevs site. See a sneak peek.

I’m also considering sending the most popular posts via email. If you’d be interested in that, please let me know.

Wrapping It Up

I like the idea of a distributed social network, and I think Mastodon is a great platform. Because of the distributed nature, it is a bit more challenging to find interesting accounts and posts to follow. That’s precisely why I’m building Fedidevs. I hope you find it useful as well!

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